Acto y sujeto moral en la Teología de la Liberación: Esbozos para una comprensión del pensamiento ético de José Míguez Bonino

Ethos político y deconstrucción posfundacional de la economía trinitaria: Teología pública en José Míguez Bonino

Toward a Christian Ethic of Remembrance

José Míguez Bonino: Double Location and Theological Thinking-Acting

José Míguez Bonino: Teologia para o Século XXI

Sacred Resistance: The Sanctuary Movement from Reagan to Trump

What does the Paraclete have to do with Dreamers? A Pneumatological Paradigm for Latino/a Social–Political Advocacy

Now That Latinxs Are the Largest Racialized Group in the U.S.A., What Can Be Learned from African Americans?

SPECIAL EDITION: Fake News vs. Good News: Texts, Tweets and Technology – A Roundtable Conversation

ROUNDTABLE ESSAY #1 – The Bible and Global-Systemic Criticism in the Age of “Fake News”

ROUNDTABLE ESSAY #2 – Competing Narratives, Memes, and Going Viral as Socio-Theological Reflection and Resistance for US Latinxs communities: a Hebrew Bible perspective

ROUNTABLE ESSAY #3 – Speaking in Other Tongues Fernando Segovia’s Contributions to Discerning “Fake News”

Editorial | Issue 16

Editorial | Issue 15

Sancochando Theological Anthropology: One Puerto Rican Heavy Soup as Heuristic

US Christians Have Only One Response to the Suffering Migrant Children at the Border

SPECIAL EDITION: A Forum on the Crisis in Puerto Rico: Historical and Theological Perspectivas

PUERTO RICO FORUM REFLECTION #1: Puerto Rico as a Concubinic Petrie Dish: Diagnosing the Viral Attack of US Coloniality

PUERTO RICO FORUM REFLECTION #2: Puerto Rico and Maria: A View from the Diaspora

PUERTO RICO FORUM REFLECTION #3: Cultivating a Hermeneutics of “El Grito” in the Eye of the Storm

Perspectivas on a Book: Roundtable Review Essays of Revelation in Aztlán: Scriptures, Utopias, and the Chicano Movement by Jacqueline M. Hidalgo (New York: Palgrave Macmillan Press, 2016)

Roundtable Review Essay #1 – “Talkin’ About Somethin’”: No More Business-as-Usual in Aztlán

Roundtable Review Essay #2 – Review of Jacqueline M. Hidalgo, Revelation in Aztlán: Scriptures, Utopias, and the Chicano Movement

Roundtable Review Essay #3 – A Review of Revelation in Aztlán: Scriptures, Utopias and The Chicano Movement