Roundtable Response Essay: Place Matters, Or Utopian Orientations and Latina Feminist Biblical Studies

Editorial | Issue 14

Overview of Protestant Theology in Cuba during the Revolutionary Period

The Spiritual Praxis of César Chávez

The Faith of Saints and Citizens in Public Spaces

The Young Lords and the People’s Church: Social Movement Theory, Telling of Brown Power Movements Impact on Latino/a Religious History

Is Liberation Theology a Political Theology?: Marcella Althaus-Reid’s Critical Hermeneutics and the Queer Messianic Question of Marxism

Latinas/os, Canada and Cosmopolitanism: A Look from its Exteriority

Profeta Ana Maldonado: Pushing the Boundaries of Paradoxical Domesticity

From the Editor | Issue 13

A Theology of Human Joy: The Liberating-Poetic-Ludic Theology of Rubem Alves

Rubem Alves and the Kaki Tree: The Trajectory of an Exile Thinker

Embodied Love: Explorations on the imago Dei in the Caribbean Latina Theology of Ada María Isasi-Díaz

Entre (Otros) Conocimientos and the Struggle for Liberation: Remembering the Legacy of Otto Maduro (1945-2013)

Otto Maduro: Maestro de cómo ser amigo

The Listening Guide: A Practical Tool for Listening Deeply to the Body of Christ