The Church and the Enchanted Theologian

Grave Importance: Religio-Political Architecture and the Tāp Pīlam Coahuiltecan

Buen Vivir: Historical Narrative of Environmental Resisters in the United States and Latin America

As I Remember It…

The Ecumenical Beginnings of the HTI

HTI’s Legacy of Hybrid Scholars

Beyond Tokens y Sabor. Exploring the Academic Impact of HTI

Togetherness as Pedagogical Identity: HTI’s Daily Grind and the Hope of En Conjunto Formation

“Learning from Teología En Conjunto”

Four encounters with the Holy Spirit’s voice that shaped my vocation to serve through teaching

HTI and the Brown Church: A Testimonio

Playing the Minstrel in the Academy: Grounded Theology in an Age of Racial Violence and Xenophobia

Tending the Stories of Our Communities

HTI and the Bible: Making Space for Latina/o/x Contributions to Biblical Scholarship

The Lifelong Connection Between the HTI and Its Graduates

Images of María de la Leche 1600- Present

A Reimagined Ethical Imagination: Considering Epistemological Nihilism and Afro-Pessimism as a Corrective to Ethics of Hope

Mestizos/as with an Asian Face


An Amasamiento: Reflecting on Peter Mena’s Place and Identity in the Lives of Antony, Paul, and Mary of Egypt: Desert as Borderland

Peter Anthony Mena, Transgressing the Frontiers/Fronteras of the Traditional Histories of Early Christianity

Anzaldúa, Latinx theory, and Late Ancient Studies

Bridging the Gap: Autohistoria-teoría and the Late Antique Imagination

Introducción : Celebrando la vida y obra teológica de José Míguez Bonino